2018 Reviewed


2018 deserves more than me just showing my favorite photos. It was the first year of this officially being my career. No day job, just me, trying to balance work and home. Guess what? It’s SUPER HARD. But SO rewarding. Every couple I get to photograph make a difference in what I do.

So thank you!

I thought I would go more in depth with WHY some of these images are my favorite. Maybe share some images that haven’t been before, so that those who are interested can see more of the story. I’m not a good writer, so bear with me. Some images may have more of a story behind them. Some are just of my personal favorites

Emily + Kyle-

Emily warned me she was a crier! I loved hearing that. Emotion shows so beautifully in photos. <3 This beautiful moment was when Kyle gave her the gift of a video from her Grandmother, who wasn’t able to attend.

Harley saw the opportunity to use the coffee table’s reflection for an image. I knew I wanted movement!

After some quick shots at Buffalo Trader’s Lounge, we stopped inside Bluedoor for this amazing portrait with some portraits.

Stephanie + Jordan

This first image was taken on an Aloe plant in their hotel pool!

Stephanie wanted to have her girls all help with each other’s necklaces. I love the necklace train.

The second image in shows what happens if someone’s pants split before the day begins!

Always go out for sunset pictures. You won’t regret it!

Sofie and Reed planned their wedding without being in Michigan. Crazy right? They totally pulled it off.

The day was SO hot, and the waterfalls at John Ball Zoo helped these two cool down.

I love this image of Sofie and her mom. They light up around each other.

Jason from Dove Light Photography had me assist him with Linsey and Tim’s wedding. St. Isadore Church in Grand Rapids is beautiful!

Emily and Callie gave me the greatest gift. I had never photographed an LGBT couple before them. Thank you so much ladies, for trusting me with your beautiful day! :)

Why would I include a styled shoot? OHWAITITWASNT!

Andrea and Ben made a picture perfect day at Hydrangea Blu Barn.

Alex and Chris’ day(s) were so unique. Originally planning on having one big day at the family farm, They opted to elope before and just have a reception.

Hannah and Logan

I have the honor to witness so many unique couples marry. I have seen so many different types of love. These two truly stood out.

They weren’t just in love. The passion that radiated from them affected me in a way I hadn’t experienced before. They were woven so deep into each other, I felt like I almost shouldn’t be there, that I should have left them alone to soak in the day. (But of course, in a good way!)

They chose wedding traditions that were special to them, with their closest family and friends circled around them in a traditional viking ceremony. They stood in the most beautiful garden I think the majority of us had ever seen. While the day was filled with joy, it also had an almost seriousness of the commitment taking place. (The only way I can describe it)

Hannah and Logan were taken from us less than a month after their wedding. The garden in which they said their vows has now been made into a memorial site, with flora from all over being brought and planted in their honor.

They are in my heart with every single wedding for the rest of my life.

Thank you for showing all of us how strong and passionate love affects everyone in your life.

Kendra + Jaymes

Alex + Ashley

Kelsey and Cam

Jaclyn and Spencer

Kathryn and Alex

Alysia and Devon

Suzie and Spencer -Celebrity couple name, Spenzie?

Kaitlin and Dan-

I may have gone overboard with pictures here.

Korrine and Logan win the award for goofiest couple. (Other than Harley and I)

Jordan + Martina

Kelsey and Dylan had the perfect day at Rustic Rouge.

I had the pleasure of photographing Miranda and Stefan with Andraya Croft Photography taking the lead.

I don’t often second shoot, so of course I would come down with the flu the morning of. Luckily, with water and loving people around, I started to feel better once I arrived to the guys.

Maddie + Tyler

Mackenzie + Jesse <3 <3 <3

The perfect fall day for Emmarie and Toby.

Alex + Abby, it feels like yesterday.

Claire and John, Holly Michigan

Meg and Joe. The last wedding of the year!


Thank you to everyone who photographed with me this year!! Alex, Harley, Olivia and Jamie.