The Perfect Wedding Emergency Kit


As a wedding photographer, it's a big part of my job to keep the day moving. From my experience with weddings, I have compiled the ultimate list. Every wedding day has it's mishaps! Making this affordable wedding day emergency kit is the best way to help prevent them. All my brides use this emergency kit because I bring it to every wedding.

This whole kit can cost less than $75 to make. How? 

$ The dollar store. $

First things first, you will need a place to keep all these little items. I love the idea of a fishing tackle box. This way things are separated and kept neat. I found mine at Walmart for only $12. It's not the prettiest, but it gets the job done.

Now, let's take a look at the list!

Baby Powder: This helps with chafing for warmer seasons.
Band Aids
Blotting Sheets: Again, warmer days can melt your makeup! Keep the shine at bay.
Breath Strips: Choose a dissolving Breath mint opposed to gum for picture's sake.
Clip: Think of a chip clip, this can be used for so many little things.
Cotton Pads: Use for makeup, nail polish removal, and cleanup!
Cough Drops: Avoid ceremony coughs!
Eye drops: Don't have your bachelorette party the night before the wedding. 
Floss: A fix all! Perfect camouflage if for some reason a wedding dress bustle or tie snaps.
Glasses Kit

Glue, Fabric: Fabric glue can mend a ripped dress.
Glue Dots: Glue dots can fix bouquets, hairpieces, belts, you name it!
Gum: Optional. Spit it out before the ceremony or photos.
Hair Brush
Hair Pins
Hair Spray
Hair Ties
Hand Sanitizer
Heel Pads: Everyone is wearing new shoes.
Lens wipes
Lighter: Can seal a fraying ribbon.
Makeup Wipes
Nail Clippers
Nail Files
Nail Polish, Clear: Can seal a fraying ribbon, or be used to re-glue gems.
Nail Polish Remover: Get rid of chipping polish.
Pepto Bismol or Tums: For the obvious future.
Poo-Pouri: GET THIS. Many getting ready areas have a tiny restroom that everyone has to use.
Scissors: Why would anyone remove the tags on anything before the wedding day? :D
Sewing Kit
Safety Pins, Large
Safety Pins, Small
Stain Stick
Static & Wrinkle Spray: Perfect for Chiffon dresses.
Straws: Keep your lipstick neat.
Sunscreen: For Outdoor ceremonies, this is a MUST have.
Tape, Body: Body tape, keeps sleeves up, bust lines covered, and necklaces straight.
Tape, Floral: Floral tape is perfect for repairing bouquet handles and boutonnières. 
Tweezers: Remember that chin hair you keep forgetting about? 
Wet Wipes
Zip-ties: Always handy to have.

OPTIONAL: Include a timeline of the day, and the numbers for all your vendors.

For Photographers

Because we're there all day, we're the best vendor to keep this on them. I have used many of these items to "Save the Day" and you can too!

I also like to keep some of my cards in the kit as well as making sure my name and number on printed on the outside. I would hate for my kit to be taken or misplaced. 

To make things easier for a wedding party to find what they need, I also include a list of everything that is in the box. I chose to have an alphabetical list, with the slot numbers next to each item, and a numbered list.

I also want to try and keep the box neat and clean, and know what's where. I included a small hello sheet in the box as well, with 4 rules.

1. Return everything multi-use to the box after using.

2. Please use only what you need.

3. Single use items are good to keep, hair ties, heel pads, cough drops etc.

4. For hygiene’s sake, please don’t use makeup or shared products when sick.

There are so many variations of this box, but I like mine the best for what I use it for! I can leave it in my car year round, and always be prepared.