Shaquitta and Jeremy - Grand Rapids Engagement Session -


Everyone shows their love in different ways. It can show in physical touch, that certain look, or even with just actions. 

The way Shaquitta and Jeremy light up when they interact is unsurpassed. I've never seen happiness just to be with each other show so much in their smiles and eyes. 

These images were such a joy to take, edit and look through. Now enjoy looking at true love with these two! 

Fun Fact: (I shared 5 fun facts during this session. I don't remember them)

We used crystals for some of the fun effects in a few of the images. The blurred effect near the old schoolhouse was created with a filter liberally smeared with vaseline. It's an old school trick used for actress of long ago, and I thought it would interesting to use in a new(ish) way.