Your Wedding Timeline.


You have the venue, the flowers and the catering all booked. The wedding day is fast approaching, and everyone is asking you for specific time and details for the big day. It's time to set a schedule for the wedding day.

We always recommend planning your day around your photography. We want to capture your special day, and to do so we need to keep your day on track.

That being said, we need to know some things. We will start by making a basic timeline, and then fill in the blanks. We usually start the timeline with the middle of the day, work to the end, and then circle backwards from the ceremony to work out the morning.

Remember- All these time estimates can vary!

What time do we want our ceremony at? (Write down this time in the middle of your paper, and add how long the ceremony will be.) ex. 

3:00pm Ceremony Starts

3:35pm Ceremony Ends

Will we be dismissing our guests after, or heading to sign the license? (Add 20 minutes to dismiss guests, and 5 to sign the license.) ex

3:35pm Ceremony Ends

3:40pm Dismiss Guests

4:00pm Sign license

Will family photos be in, around or after the ceremony? (Add 10 for smaller groupings, and 20 minutes for bigger families.) ex

4:00pm Sign license

4:05pm Start family portraits

4:25pm End Family Portraits

Do you want to have portraits of the wedding party and or the Wedding couple after the ceremony? (Add 20 minutes for wedding party photos, and 20 minutes for couples)

Will these photos be at the ceremony area, or will you have a party bus or limo? (Add Travel time)

Do you want to have a cocktail hour, or an equivalent activity after the ceremony? (Note this in the schedule)

If there is travel time between the ceremony and the reception, add this travel time into the schedule.

What time do we want to be announced at the reception? (Add 10 minutes before this to line up and prepare)

We recommend that our wedding couples walk into the wedding venue, cut the cake, and then have their first dance. 

Announcing everyone, and speeches. (Add 30 Minutes)

Dinner (30 minutes)

Optional for Spring and Fall, sunset portraits (10 Minutes)

Cake Cutting (Add 5 minutes)

First Dances (Add 5 Minutes)

Other dances (Add 10 Minutes)

What time do you want to leave the reception? 

Will you be having a sparkler or bubble exit? (add 15 minutes before end time)

This should be good for the evening! Let's now move the the beginning of the day. Leave a 15 minute gap between your ceremony time and whatever the last activity is. We are working BACKWARDS here. Add travel times where needed.

The next activities can take place on the ceremony property, or wherever you are getting ready.***

*Do you want to have wedding party images taken before the ceremony? (Add 20 minutes)

*Do you want Family portraits before the ceremony? (Add 15 for smaller groupings, and 30 minutes for bigger families.)

*Will we be having a first look or blind meeting? (add 10 minutes)

Bridal portraits/dress add 20. (If there are two brides, getting ready separately, stagger the times) 

Groom's portraits should only take about 15 minutes. (If there are two grooms, getting ready separately, stagger the times) 

Whoever takes the least time to get dressed goes first! We recommend that couples get ready for the wedding in the same building. If they aren't, work in travel times or adjust where and when to fit schedule. 

Ladies, we like arrive 20-30 minutes before you are done with hair and makeup. Then, once done, bridesmaids should get dressed, and we take out your wedding dress.

If your photo coverage is not long enough to stretch from morning to when you leave, opt to have your reception activities as soon as possible after or before dinner, and try to have a exit from the ceremony instead of at the end of the night.

Now go! Have fun working out the last little details, and impress everyone with your schedule!