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1 on 1

Maybe you are just starting to think that photography might be a cool career to consider.

Maybe you have been taking photos for quite sometime, but are looking for ways to up your game, and get inspired!

Let me help you hone your skills behind the camera, or even in front of your computer.


Why would I want to teach others how to do what I do? Community over competition is the motto I choose to go by. The photography business world can be competitive and negative to newcomers. I want to offer a safe space and develop a warm community that works together to provide awesome images to the world.

I strongly believe that the world of professional photography is constantly evolving. I take joy in finding new and unique trends, and using them subtly for a timeless feel. I have been through the ups and downs of starting a photography career, and am now a professional photographer. It still feels weird to say!

The best way to get where you want is to establish rules, follow them religiously, and then break them once you've outgrown them!

How we do it.

Everyone comes to me with different skill levels and knowledge. This initial meeting is to talk about what you are looking to get out of a mentorship. We will discuss your previous background in photography and where you want to be in the future. After meeting, I will have a good idea of how to adjust a lesson plan to be unique to you. 

Each Session is 275, and includes 2 lesson plans below:

Lesson Plans

Photography (How to use your camera in manual settings, and equipment)

Editing (Let's speed you up and find your style)

Studio Organization (Computer, workspace, gear) Let's set you up to thrive!

Business Boss (The must have equipment you never knew you had to have, and no, it's not a lens)

Wedding Life (Everything you need to know about weddings.)

Work Critique (Just like it sounds.)

Posing (How to keep new ideas in your head, and work naturally and comfortably)

Magician School (New and exciting elements to use in your sessions everyday)

What's included?

Complementary Consultation

2 Lesson Plans

What is this? (What having photography as a full time job is like, and what to expect)

Every session after consultation includes a 20 minute portrait session. The purpose of this is to provide you with images to use as headshots or website material.

Lesson plans will include a PDF showing the basic ideas of what we covered, so you can look back on it in the future.

Confidence that you are capable of being a boss.