We aren't one of those companies who hire out contractors to fill dates. When you book us, you know who you're working with.



I'm the Owner and Lead Photographer of Intricate Exposures. 

My love for art, history and relationships fuels my passion in photography. I want to give you the best experience possible! My heart and soul goes into giving someone the same photos that I would want for myself.. I like to shoot and edit in a way that will still be in style in 50 years. Not too dramatic, but still unique for you!

When I'm not working: You will find me walking around antique and thrift shops, taking midnight trips to Meijer, and treating my cats like human babies. I'm a cool (cat) Mom.

Photo: Caedy Convis Photography  


I'm the Lead Cinematographer and 2nd Photographer.

Harley's love of cinema and story telling is a huge asset to us. He creates beautiful videos based on the feel of the day. He has an amazing sense of humor, which also leads us to create fun videos on our own time that make us giggle. With a keen eye towards the little things, Harley makes sure not one detail gets forgotten.

My hobbies:

When I'm not working, you can find me at the gym, discing, or cuddling with Kelsie, I also have a huge interest in woodworking and creative projects.

Caedy Convis Photography

Caedy Convis Photography


You're going through an important check point in life. We've been there.

We eloped in 2016.

Our ability to work as a team in marriage benefits us when working as a team to record your marriage. (See that tongue twister?)

With years of combined photo, video, and customer service experience, you can rest easy knowing you're in good hands.



Grand Rapids is an amazing city, and we're lucky enough to be born and raised out of it.

Now, we're lucky to work here every day.

We travel all over for weddings, so please don't hesitate to contact us if you're out of state!

Mid-December- Early March 2020, we will be out West! Contact us ASAP so we can put you on our schedule.





Kelsie started training for weddings and portraits as a high schooler. She branched into senior portraits, then self portraits.


We met in our first Photography class in college. It's fate from there. 

Kelsie creates the business name of Intricate Exposures. She wants it to be recognizable and timeless. 
Every photo is an exposure of light. Every photo has intricate details.


Kelsie started working at a full time in a photographic printing lab until Feb. 2018.

Harley continued his passion for photography after college, and moved onto video as well.


We join forces to offer photo and video services.





We have many photographer friends and acquaintances.

When we tell people we work in weddings, the most common answer is, "Better you than me!"

It's at this point we're confused. We work long weekends, and edit for hours on weekdays.

At the end of the night, when we get home, we ache. We haul in all our heavy gear, and sit down. 

And guess what? We're happy. We're proud. We did it. 

We interact with people on what's commonly referred to as the best day so far in their lives. We get to challenge ourselves and our skills with new light and locations. We get to end our nights dancing and eating cake. We get weeks of reliving that day and making -beautiful memories- for the wonderful couple who chose to work with us. The laughter, tears and smiles are why we do it. The reward of knowing when someone looks at our product, they feel emotion. The product we create isn't for our clients, it IS them.