Lifestyle Session

Is your own home is where you’re most comfortable? Are you proud of your decorating skills? A lifestyle session may be the perfect fit for you. Soft window light and moody tones are gorgeous. This type of session can also apply to hobbies and passions. 

Home is where the heart is, and window light will make the photos -oh so pretty-.

Colors, styles, and accessories.

Go for: What you normal wear at home. (yes, even yoga pants!) Dress to compliment your home. If you have neutral decor, you can wear more patterns. If you have bright rooms and decorations, you should stick to more neutral colors.

Avoid- Formal or dressy. Casual or semi casual will look best!

When is it best? All year is good for these types of sessions. We want it to be daylight! When it's really cold out, or we just want a cozy look, indoors and windows are key! Most lifestyle sessions take place in your home, but could also be anywhere indoors will sufficient light. We love using artificial lighting, but rarely put it to use in a small casual session, as we want to give you the style you see here.


Any indoor location that is important to you.