Planning your Portraits.

First things first; let’s decide on a location!

I like to break down location into 3 categories. With all locations, we want to get as many diverse images as possible.

Each location will have tips and tricks for planning your outfits. Just click on the buttons under the descriptions to read more.



This applies to any urban session. That could mean downtown Grand Rapids, Chicago, or your favorite one stoplight town. The settings will be more geometric and colorful at times. Think walls, windows, shops and streets.



We can adventure together at state parks, or take a trip to a local park or beach! Think trees, sunlit fields, water, and greenery.

For all locations, let's avoid cliche things like matching outfits, props and gimmicks. The session is about you, not a theme. Follow the link below for more rules for timeless photos.


Is your own home is where you’re most comfortable? Are you proud of your decorating skills? A lifestyle session may be the perfect fit for you. Soft window light and moody tones are gorgeous. This type of session can also apply to hobbies and passions.