What to wear.

What to wear is so important. It is the difference between looking at your photos and seeing YOU, or seeing just your clothing!

I know that before a portrait session, you might be wondering what to wear, where to go and how to do your makeup and hair! 

Here are some basics to stick to for most photo sessions and locations.

More location ideas are found here.


The Obvious.

- Dress for the weather

- Make sure the styles of your outfits match.

-Dress for where your photos will be being taken. (You can see more here.)

- Dress in clothes that fit! Don't wear anything that is too small or too big.

-Plan your outfit from head to toe. Wear the proper underwear for your outfits, from tank tops and underwear to socks.

- Let me KNOW if there is anything you are self conscious about. I will be able to pose you differently if I know. 

Remember these things:

-We can use 2 outfits. One you want to be more dressy than the other.

-Choose a color palette to coordinate your outfits to. 

-Dark colors are more slimming. Long sleeves are great if you don't favor your arms (Like me)

-Choose the right shoes! Running or gym shoes do NOT look good with portraits, unless we are actually in a gym.

Up your style game:

-Layer, Layer Layer! Choose up to three layers for each outfit change.

-Girls, accessorize with shoes, necklaces, bags, scarves, the occasional hat and jewelry! 

-Guys, ties, belts, sweaters, suspenders, jackets and shoes are your go to. Most men dress as simply as possible, but don't be afraid to add more!


No Fluorescent or neon colors. / Yes! Muted colors, jewel tones, and pastels

No Camouflage / I said no!  We want to SEE you!

No Small stripes (Moire Effect) / Yes! Thicker Stripes

No Crappy T-shirts / Yes! Stylish Graphic tees layered. 

No Matchy Matchy / Yes! Coordinate!

Rules are made to be broken, so check with us if you want to break a rule!

**These are also just strong suggestions, If you show up in matching ratty neon camo t-shirts, we're taking your photos anyways;) But you may regret it later.**

Makeup and Hair:

We always recommend having a professional do your hair and makeup for the day! Your engagement session is the best time to see what you might want for the wedding. Professional hair and makeup artists will know what photographs best.

-Those with shorter hair should have a hair cut about one week before the portrait session. longer hair and color, 3 weeks!

-For eyes, stay away from shimmer eye shadow. Stick with matte. Don't go too dramatic.

-Do NOT use eyeliner on your waterline and under eye. It will close your eyes off, and make them appear much smaller than they are. Consider the alternative- Line the top lid as usual, then use a mid-tone eye shadow to outline tightly under the lower lash line. This look is defined, but soft, and keeps the eyes bright!

-False lashes look awesomel! 

-Highlighter is great, but use it sparingly. 

-Go a tad heavier on your blush, as it will photograph much lighter. 

-Match foundation on your face and neck, not your hand. Finish with a matte powder to avoid shine.

-Don't normally wear makeup and want to try? Use mascara, and add a little blush.

All the Answers.

-Full Sessions take between 1 and 2 hours.

-Multiple locations are fine, as long as they are within 10 minutes or each other.

-The best times of day to photograph are the 2 hours after sunrise, and the 2 hours before sunset.

-Feel free to bring a friend along to help!

-If it is too cold out, hot out, or windy out, we will reschedule to the soonest available date. The final decision of will depend on every situation.

- Turnaround time for images is 2 weeks. 

- We average 50 photos an hour.

- Light retouching is used for final images, if there are detailed requests, please email me, and I can set up a quote for the work.

-Previews are posted on our Facebook and Instagram! Make sure to like and follow to see when we post. If you want to be notified and tagged in photos on Facebook, please adjust your privacy settings so we can tag you!