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Expression of You.

From your location, to the clothes you wear, Intricate Exposures will help you make your photos show what makes you, YOU. 

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Individual Portraiture


Online gallery with Images
Up to 2 hours
3 outfit changes
Digital gallery to show family and friends
High school seniors add a friend for 75

Engagement/ Couples Portraiture


Online gallery with Images
Up to 2 hours
3 outfit changes
Digital gallery to show family and friends

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  • We love our photos so much! You were so wonderful to work with throughout this entire process and you helped make the day go as smoothly as possible. I would recommend you to anyone!! Thank you so much, a million times!! P.S. watched the video last night with my mom and sister, lots of tears and laughs lol. My mother in law watched it and said she cried a lot also, so thank your husband for doing an amazing job!!
    — Olivia and Nate
  • If anyone is looking for a photographer, I highly recommend Kelsie Dean with Intricate Exposures. She is AMAZING and super fun to work with.
    — Madi and Jon
  • So happy we chose you as our wedding photographer! One of our best decisions for our wedding day! All of the picture are unique, creative, and gorgeous!! You captured so many amazing shots.
    — Ryan
  • I had a blast with Kelsie and her team! They did such an incredible job at our wedding, and we laughed together all day. Kelsie went above and beyond to make sure my wedding day was perfect and she made me feel so beautiful! I am so unbelievably grateful for everything she did!
    — Sarah
  • I couldn't speak more highly of Kelsie Dean and her entire team. They were amazing and so nice to work with. I CAN'T wait to see the rest of the photos and our amazing video.
    — Sandi and Eli
  • Kelsie Dean did an amazing job on all of our photographs. She went above and beyond for every shot and stayed over an hour late to make sure every moment was captured and that we were satisfied. She got our photos back very quickly and there is no way I can pick a favorite. Do yourself a favor and book Intricate Exposures!
    — Morgan and Shiloh
  • Need a talented and creative photographer? Kelsie is the one for you! She was really cheerful and flexible with the changing events on our wedding day. Also brought another awesome photographer to help her catch every moment of the wedding. Very affordable and totally worth it!
    — Marissa and Jed
  • Kelsie Dean is passionate about her work and about her clients. If you don’t need another friend don’t hire her because you will instantly fall in love with her contagiously upbeat attitude and want more of her in and around your face.
    — My Husband
  • Working with Kelsie has been amazing!! She does such a great job of making you feel comfortable throughout your photo shoot! I LOVE the photos she has done so far, and cannot wait to see the rest of mine! I definitely recommend using her for your wedding photography!
    — Destinee and Austin
  • So amazing at our daughter’s wedding, very creative and fun. Such amazing pictures! That you for being a part of her day! I so can't wait to see more! The ones I've seen are absolutely stunning.
    — A wonderful Bride’s wonderful Mom
  • My fiancé and I love Kelsie and her work! She helped us pose and made us feel comfortable in front of the camera!
    — Madi and Tyler
  • Kelsie is a lot of fun to take photos with! Her eye for photography and her excitement for lighting and getting different shots was neat to see. My fiancé and I enjoyed our time and did a lot of laughing. (He even joked afterward he expected it to feel more stiff and formal, but was surprised how fun it actually was.) Our photos turned out beautifully- we couldn't be happier. I'm glad for the chance to get to know Kelsie and experience her style of photography before our wedding. I highly recommend her, both for her wonderful photography, and the enjoyable experience we had.
    — Ophelia and Jimmy
  • Kelsie is incredible. Her work is so unique and tasteful! So much talent.
    — Chloe
  • I've never felt more wonderful than when I first saw my photos. Kelsie is such a fun person to work with. She is the ideal photographer, open to suggestions, and willing to work with you to make your shoot the best experience possible while truly capture your personality. I've worked with photographers in the past who saw me differently, more serious, than I saw myself and the photos were beyond disappointing. Kelsie really listens and insures that you as a client receive exactly what you want.
    — Courtney
  • I've never felt more wonderful than when I first saw my photos. Kelsie is such a fun person to work with. She is the ideal photographer, open to suggestions, and willing to work with you to make your shoot the best experience possible while truly capture your personality. I've worked with photographers in the past who saw me differently, more serious, than I saw myself and the photos were beyond disappointing. Kelsie really listens and insures that you as a client receive exactly what you want.
    — Courtney
  • Kelsie is extremely friendly and professional. She will go with the flow, but if you have certain shots that you absolutely want, she will make it happen. I couldn't be happier with our choice to use her for our engagement and wedding photos!
    — Alyssa and Ryan
  • AMAZING! Wonderful photographer. Very friendly, gets the shots at the most perfect moment. Knows how to position you and work with the light so you have perfection! Worth every penny!
    — Sarah
  • THANK YOU so much for our pictures! I cannot believe how many there are, I just got done looking through all of them! (not a very productive morning at the office ;) ) You captured some great moments. The ones in the rain at the end!!!!! OMG! You captured the children so well. And I love the one with my dad emptying his pockets! hahaha You truly have a gift, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!
    — Courtney


I know that before a portrait session, you might be wondering what to wear, where to go and how to do your makeup and hair! 

Here's a page FULL of suggestions for you. Our Pinterest link at the bottom of the page will also take you to a page of visual outfit ideas.

If you ever need help deciding your wardrobe for your session, please text me, call or email me and ask!

What to wear.

What to wear is so important. It is the difference between looking at your photos and seeing YOU, or seeing just your clothing!

I will include a couple different lists, one for what not wear, one for recommendations and suggestions, and one for hair and makeup. These suggestions are not just for engagement photos, but also other types of portraiture!

Neutral colors and makeup allow the sitters natural beauty to shine through without distraction.

Neutral colors and makeup allow the sitters natural beauty to shine through without distraction.

What NOT to wear:

– If you are having your portraits taken with someone, dressing like identical twins is considered old fashioned. Nowadays, you want to coordinate, not duplicate.

– T-Shirts that look like PJ's. You know the ones! Graphics and Decals can look really cool, but keep it classy and trendy.

– Skirts must be at a length that you can sit and move around comfortably.

-When being photographed in woods or greenery, avoid wearing green. as you want to stand out, not blend in. 

-NO colors that are fluorescent or neon. They do not photograph well and are distracting in photos. Bright colors will also cast a color onto the wearers skin and face. Pastels and jewel tones look great!

-Avoid white shirts unless you're layering, as they reflect a ton of light, and tend to wash out the wearer. Try a cream or pastel color, or even wear a colored scarf if you have a favorite white shirt.

-Necklines shouldn't be too extreme. (ie Deep V necks, or Big Cowlnecks) Scarves and necklaces are the exception.

-If you want to wear stripes, or even plaid, please run them by me first. Some photograph nicely, some don't. Do not do any other busy patterns.

Makeup and Hair:

I always recommend having a professional do your hair and makeup for the day! Your engagement session is the best time to see what you might want for the wedding. Professional hair and makeup artists will know what photographs best.

Men should have a hair cut about one week before the portrait session. Ladies should be photographed when ever they are happiest with their hair in relationship to the time it is styled.

For eyes, make sure you do your shadow slightly darker, make sure to stay away from shimmer eye shadow. Stick with matte. You will want it to still be natural, as to not take attention away from you. (Might be a good time to ditch the bright blue shadow) DO NOT line your under eyes, Specifically your waterline and under eye. It will close your eyes off, and make them appear much smaller than they are. I suggest lining the top lid as usual with no waterline, and then using eye shadow to line half the lower lid. This way it is defined, but soft. False lashes look awesome for photos as well! 

If you don't normally wear makeup, try some mascara, or even curling your eyelashes. Pair that with some blush, and you will look radiant.

Go a tad heavier on your blush, as it will photograph much lighter. We can always blend in in more if it is too bright.

Make sure your foundation matches your skin tone. Match on your face and neck, not your hand. Finish with a matte powder to avoid shine.

All the Answers.

Do I need to sign a contract?

To book a session, you must read and sign my contract.

Do I need to pay a deposit? 

I ask for the full amount of the portrait shoot before the session.
What types of payments do you accept? 

I currently accept Cash and Check.
How long does a session take? 

Your session will be about 2 hours of photographing, traveling to locations, and outfit changes.
Can we have multiple locations? 

Most places to choose will have what we need for photos, but we can travel up to 15 minutes away to a new location.
Where should we have our Engagement session?

What describes you as a couple? There are many places where we can capture who you are. Your home
The zoo, a museum, or your favorite lunch spot. (We always need to check to make sure we are allowed to take your photos at these locations previous to the session date, as some public businesses require a photography fee. 
In your favorite town or city.
The woods or a park.

What time should we take our photos? 

The best times to photograph are the 2 hours after sunrise, and the 2 hours before sunset. We can photography midday if we are at an indoor location, in a heavily shaded area, or in the middle of the city. Sometimes Midday creates gorgeous lighting when there is enough shade to diffuse the light. It does depend on your location. We can arrange your session at a time that works best for you as well. 

Can I bring my friend along? 

I love it when we have moral support! A friend is very helpful during your sessions. If they are willing, they can carry outfit changes and props so that you don't have to. Make sure to choose someone who you are comfortable around. 
Can we reschedule due to weather? 

If you aren't the adventurous type who likes rain, then we can reschedule your session to my soonest available date. If this doesn't work for you, we can always do a location indoors or at your home.

Jewel Tones are a gorgeous alternative to brighter colors.

Jewel Tones are a gorgeous alternative to brighter colors.

What TO wear.

-Dress for the weather

-Hang clothing on hangers if you have outfit changes.

-I recommend 2 outfits. One you want to be more dressy than the other.

-Choose a color palette to coordinate your outfits to. 3 colors are usually good.

-Wear solid colored clothing, and choose muted tones that are a bit subdued

– Dress in clothes that fit! Don't wear anything that is too small or too big. Dress for your body type.

-Dark colors are more slimming. Long sleeves are great if you don't favor your arms (Like me)

-Layer, Layer Layer! Choose up to three layers for each outfit change.

Girls, accessorize with shoes, necklaces, bags, scarves, the occasional hat and jewelry!
Guys, ties, belts, sweaters, suspenders, jackets and shoes are your go to. Most men dress as simply as possible, but don't be afraid to add more!
-Make sure the styles of your outfits match.

-Dress for where your photos will be being taken. Keep in mind that drastic opposites would be acceptable as well. when imagining opposite, think slinky ball gown in the middle of the woods, not band tee in the middle of a classy hotel.

-City photos need bright colors and crazy combinations it looks good to be dressier in the city. Indoor lifestyle sessions, dress to compliment your home. If you have neutral decor, you can wear more patterns. If you have bright rooms and decorations, you should stick to more neutral colors.

-Plan your outfit from head to toe. Wear the proper underwear for your outfits, from tank tops and underwear to socks.

-Choose the right shoes! Running or gym shoes do NOT look good with portraits, unless we are actually in a gym.

When will I get to see my photos? 

At the latest, I usually will have a preview up in the first week, and the full photos available to download at the 2 week mark. 
We took photos for two hours, do I receive every image taken?

 I only include the absolute best photos from your session. 

What should we do with the images? 

Print! These aren't just portraits for online use. They are made to be art for your walls. Print, and print BIG! :) Do not print at Walgreens, Meijer, Costco, Walmart, CVS or any other quick one hour photo. Your photos are set up to print at a Professional Lab. When your session is delivered, you will receive a list of labs to print at. The pricing difference is minimal, I promise! You will have photos that last a lifetime if properly taken care of.

Will we own the copyrights to the images from our session? 

I own the photos and copyright, but you are given the permissions to print at a Professional Lab Via your contract.
Can I edit my own photos? 

I consider my work art, and therefore ask that you do not change any photos in any way. If there is any special request, please ask me!
How much do you retouch your images?

I will retouch any noticeable acne. If you have anything you feel self-conscious about, talk to me before your session, and we can work out the best outfits and poses to flatter your body.
Will my images be posted anywhere online? 

Yes, I will be using your photos to promote my business and to share with you on Facebook, Blog, Instagram, Pinterest, and anywhere else I may need.
Do you offer reshoots? 

If you are unhappy with the poses or light, we can do a free reshoot. If you hated your makeup, hair, outfit choice or location, we can reschedule for a $75 fee. If the issue is with my editing, I can reedit 10 select images for you. If you are unhappy with how you look, and require more retouching than just blemishes, I charge a $15 per photo for heavy editing.

What if I need to reschedule for a personal reason? 

We are able to reschedule one time at my soonest available date. There is a $50 charge for every rescheduling after that.
How many images can we expect? and when should we expect them? 

As a lifestyle portrait artist, you will receive at minimum 50 photos. We usually average around 75.

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