intricate cinema.


Relive your special day, Over and over again.


Customize photo and video to your needs by selecting your preferred packages.


Classic Video Package


-Ceremony only

- 1 videographer, Harley

- 2 hour maximum


Modern Video Package


- 1 cinematographer, Harley

- 8 hour coverage

- 45+ second social media teaser

- 6-8+ minute cinematic recap video

Complete Video Package


- 1 cinematographer, Harley :D

-All day coverage (max 12 hours)

- 45+ second social media teaser

-6-8+ minute cinematic recap video

-Full ceremony and speeches


Films Delivered 60-90 Days after Wedding

All Films and Footage Will Be Delivered via Vimeo Download Link


Additional Cinematographer for $500

Additional Filming Time for $100/hr

Raw Footage $250

USB $100

Answers  to  Your   Questions.

We have our wedding booked with Intricate Exposures for our Photography. What are our advantages for this?

You get a KICK-BUTT team that loves to create together, and already knows what each other's favorite breakfast cereal is.

Can I give you a list of specific shots we would like (ie Pinterest)?

Due to the fluid nature of the wedding day and our candid method of shooting, we do not work off of lists. Short wish lists can be provided, but we prefer to capture the moments as they happen.

How far in advance do we need to book? 

Book ASAP. Dates for 2019 are dwindling, but 2020 has many free dates.

Who will be shooting my wedding?

Harley will be the main cinematographer of your wedding. Depending on the options you choose, another cinematographer will be provided to assist.

Do you have backup equipment? 

We do!

Do you charge a travel fee and what does that cover? If your wedding photography is booked through us already, we do not charge extra for travel if it has already been added to an invoice. If you have another photographer, we will not be traveling together, so the cost for a hotel and gas will not be paid for already. If your wedding is 2+ hours away, we as for a room to stay overnight the night of the wedding, and $60 for gas. The room can be reserved for us, or we can add an additional $250 to cover the room and gas.


Is it okay if other people take video while you're taking video? 

We require that no other professionals be present and filming, paid or not. More than who works with us is a crowd, due to different methods, and those perfect shots. We strongly encourage an unplugged ceremony.

Can we choose our music? 

We will talk with you after the wedding day to go over some different songs you can choose from. Instrumental songs work best, and we have a good selection.

How do I reserve my date?

Contact us with our email, or via the form on our contact page! We can then set up an in person meeting or a phone call to talk more about your day, Your wedding date will be reserved once a contract is signed, and the retainer has been received. 

When will I receive a written contract? 

As soon as you choose us, and we meet and talk, the contract will be sent.. 

How much of a retainer do you require and when is it due? 

We require a $400 retainer within a month of booking. The remaining balance must be paid in full one month prior to your wedding.

Can you help me decide what package I need?

Yes! We will be able to sit down and work out a rough timeline when we first talk. Closer to the wedding day, we will make more concrete plans.

Let's   Talk.