If you received this link, your wedding day is coming soon!

There are a BILLION questions for you to answer.

Some we may have talked about in previous meetings, but please do your best to fill it all out as best as possible.

They are all important to your wedding day timeline and the photography to capture it.

Please have this form completed a minimum of two weeks before the wedding.


Your Name *
Your Name
Your Fiance *
Your Fiance
Wedding Date *
Wedding Date
This gives us timing information for your wedding previews, and photo delivery
If you know at this point, what will your married address be?
If you know at this point, what will your married address be?
Please copy and paste this into the decription box and fill it out as accurately as you can. _______Arrival Time for Photographer _______Time for Departure to Ceremony _______Arrival Time at Ceremony Location _______Ceremony Start _______Ceremony Finish _______Time for Departure from Ceremony Location _______Arrival Time at Reception Location _______Time(s) for Formal Group Photos _______30 minutes for portraits of Bride and Groom alone _______Cocktail Hour Time _______Reception Start _______Photography End Time
Sometimes during the wedding a contact is assigned other than the Bride or Groom to contact.
PLEASE PROVIDE NAME AND ADDRESS FOR THE FOLLOWING Hair/Makeup Location: Dressing Location(s): Ceremony Location: Reception Location: Any Additional Location:
Where will the Bride have her final preparation taking place (last makeup & hair finishing touches and getting in the dress) on the wedding day?
Individual portraits usually take about 10-15 minutes
1. Make sure there is natural window light in the room where you both will be getting ready. It makes a world of difference. 2. Please have all wedding accessories and details together for us, (Dress, jewelry shoes, gifts. Bouquet, cufflinks, garter, invites, something borrowed, something blue etc) It helps us be more efficient.  3. Keep areas near window neat and free of trash. This is preferably where you both will get dressed.  4. Allow more time than you think you need.
If no, please skip to next section.
Is the ceremony indoor or outdoor?
Tell us about any restrictions or guidelines at your ceremony location that we should know about (make sure include if there are any time restrictions as to how early or how late we are permitted to be on the location).
Will the wedding have any special moments or religious aspects? We want to be prepared for any cultural or family traditions that might be new to us.
When will you be signing your marriage certificate?
After your ceremony, will you return to the ceremony location and release your guests by aisle? Please consider the number of guests you may have and your timing. In our experience, receiving lines can take double or triple the time allotted and may take away from the time between ceremony and reception.
Will you be doing an exit after your ceremony? Bubble, Streamers, Bird Seed, etc
Tell me about all the lovely detail you've got planned for the big day + what you're envisioning (colors, theme, atmosphere, etc.)
I do not copy Pinterest boards, as your wedding should be unique. I do love seeing your sense of style so I can get to know your preferences better though. Feel free to leave your Pinterest board below.
Anything out of the ordinary? Color of flowers, fun ties, funky socks, etc.
Everyone has a distinct style, which I try and capture with every couple. Does you have any types of poses that you love and would like to put on a wish list? Please include them below.
Are there any special family situations (divorces, deaths, etc.), that we should know about that we need to be sensitive to?
Outdoors is preferred to match the style of images you love.
If you are wanting more than one location for your bride & groom/bridal party photos, please list those locations here.
Can you allow at least half-hour away from our guests?
Will the photographer have access to the reception set up prior to guests entering?
We recommend that the cake cutting, first dance and any other special traditions happen within minutes of each other. This way guests who are leaving earlier can be present, and you can spend the rest off the night dancing away!
The better we can see the head table, the more photos we can take!
We recommend serving us at the same time as you, so we can be taking photos when needed.
We love to give credit where credit is due! There are so many people who will make your day beautiful. Please provide the vendor business and/or contact name. Salon/Makeup Artist Dress Bridesmaid Dresses Tuxedos/Suits Shoes Jewelry Flowers Lighting Coordinators Entertainment/ DJ Transportation Food Cake Decor Printed materials (invitations, wedding programs, place cards, table numbers, etc.): Please provide an invitation if you would like it photographed.