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I'm positive you have SO many questions about how to plan your wedding. Allow me to answer a few on the photography side for you.

Realistically, your wedding photos will last longer than anything else. Hopefully, as long as you print your photos, your grandchildren's children will have your photos to ooh and aw over. 

Your wedding photography is the most important thing you can invest in for your special day. The flowers will die, the dress will be put away... Even the food, venue and decoration will just be memories. What freezes memories? Photography! Make a good decision on your photographer, and you will have your memories up on the walls of your home for the rest of your life. A good photographer can make any wedding look beautiful, regardless of weather, venue, decor, or mishaps.

Support an individual, one who considers their work and your story art, and looks at your love story as the best subject in the world to photograph.


Can I give you a list of specific shots we would like (ie Pinterest)? I have spent years developing natural posing techniques for your wedding day, We want to create the photos that end up Pinterest famous, not copy them. If you are happy with the poses and styles you see here on my website, we are a good fit. If you are looking for a photographer to go off of a Pinterest board, I may not be the photographer for you. I have a HUUGE list of shots that are must haves for your wedding day. This being said, I do take wishlists, but due to the nature of the beast, cannot guarantee all shots in a wishlist.

How far in advance do we need to book? I prefer as much leeway as possible, but feel free to contact me about any date. If I'm available, I will gladly shoot!

Who will be shooting my wedding? Am I able to view your second shooter's portfolio? I (Kelsie) will be the main photographer of your wedding. Depending on the package you choose, I can provide you with a portfolio of my second shooter's images! I work with a few different wonderful photographers.

Do you have backup equipment? My extra camera comes with me to every wedding just in case. I also have backup flash, lenses and memory cards.

Do you charge a travel fee and what does that cover? If your wedding is more than 2 hours away, I ask for a tank of gas and the cost of a cheap hotel. This would be roughly $125-$200.


Is it okay if other people take photos while you're taking photos? I know that some of the best shots are taken by friends and family! Although I will always prefer "Unplugged Weddings". I ask that while I am photographing the bride and groom's portraits, others refrain. This gives the bride and groom a chance to relax and be alone with me for more intimate shots. For family posed portraits, please allow me to take my shots first, and then others may follow if they may.

Do you provide retouching or other services? I will do basic retouching if needed, but do not do major Photoshop work due to the volume of wedding photos.

When will I receive a written contract? As soon as you choose me as your photographer, I will send you a contract. 

How much of a retainer do you require and when is it due? I require at least a $400 retainer within a month of booking. The remaining balance must be mailed or delivered to me in larger portions 2 weeks prior to your wedding.

Is there a chance you will be photographing other events on the same day as mine? Absolutely not! I reserve your day JUST for you!

How will you be dressed? I go by a strict "All Black" dress code. This isn't just for me, but my co-shooters as well. It helps us blend in, and prevents any color from reflecting in the photos. I will usually be in a dress, or business casual. Depending on the style of your wedding, we can adjust.


The Perfect Fit

Every couple has a love story, and I love to help tell it. 

As a photographer, I'm not just there to stand and hit a button.

I'm a collector of details.

Wedding days fly by so fast, but the photos will be there to immortalize it all. I take my job seriously, but have SO much fun doing it. 


Complete Package


Morning to night coverage, average 12 hours.
2nd photographer for more moments and angles
Complementary Engagement session
18x24 Print of wedding portrait of choice
USB of edited images with Complementary Box of Wedding Highlight Prints
Online gallery with photo downloads
2 month turnaround time
Average 75 photos per hour

Standard Wedding Package


8 hours of coverage
2nd photographer for more moments and angles
ComplementaryEngagement session
USB of edited images
Online gallery with photo downloads
2 month turnaround time
Average 75 photos per hour

Basic Wedding Package


6 hours of coverage
ComplementaryMini Engagement Session (30 minutes)
Online gallery with photo downloads
2 month turnaround time
Average 75 photos per hour


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