Organic Locations

We can adventure together at state parks, or take a trip to a local park or beach! Think trees, sunlit fields, water, and greenery. Greenery and nature are what come to mind when you imagine your ideal setting for portraits. These can have a woodsy or rustic feel. Below are some styling and location suggestions.

Colors, styles, and accessories.

Go for: Muted colors, casual style, or make it fun, and do formal with a modern twist.

Colors- Muted colors, and pastels look very romantic.

Style- Casual or "Sunday Best" look great in nature! Ditch the stilettos, and opt for sandals or wedges. Want to be daring? Get out that formal wear and a flowing skirt for some wow! Flannels and comfy clothes work well in the woods.

Spice it up- Do you know someone with a farm, garden or other unique area? Now's the time to hit them up! We can get unique portraits with animals, plant life and old structures.

When is it best? Outdoor images look amazing once there's a bit of color in the trees after spring, during summer, and in fall before the leaves drop.

Provin Trails- The tall old trees of this hiking path make magic images.

Riverside Park- The manicured lawns of this park rest right on the riverbanks, with a view of the city skyline.

Pickerel Lake- The walkway around this lake is beautiful, and leads to many different wooded areas.

Apple Orchards- Always beautiful! Call ahead, as sometimes there are fees to shoot.

Hagar Park- Many unique trees create great backdrops for images.

Townsend Park- I grew up here, and know every nook and cranny! 

Rockford- Provides a rustic backdrop with good diversity.

Lake Michigan- YES.