Intricate Exposures

I'm Kelsie.


Nice to Meet You.

I'm the Owner and Lead Photographer of Intricate Exposures. 

I was born, raised and still reside in Grand Rapids, MI. I love Michigan and the inspiration it offers! 

I am newly married (July 2016) to my husband Harley,



My photo style is very organic. I use natural posing methods to keep you relaxed.

Image by Jenna Nickel Photography

Image by Jenna Nickel Photography

The token list of weird;

I am a smiley, giggly, tall lady who loves her cat children and husband. I drive a Volkswagen, I'm usually wearing black. My house is full of antiques and eclectic items. I eat macaroni and avocado. I own 63 film cameras. I'm a cat person with a dog's happy personality, and I think we'll get along.

Image by Jenna Nickel Photography

Image by Jenna Nickel Photography


How long have you been in business? I started shooting weddings and portraits in 2011, and haven't stopped since.

How many weddings have you shot? Over 30 weddings. I've lost count!

What is your favorite color? Black and ballet pinks and mauves.


How would you describe your working style? I take control when needed but try and remain invisible through the ceremony, getting ready shots, and reception. 


What do you think distinguishes your work from that of other photographers? My heart and soul goes into giving someone the same photos that I would want for myself, and then some. I like to shoot and edit in a way that will still be in style in 50 years. Not too dramatic, but still unique for you!

image by Halley Alexa Photography

image by Halley Alexa Photography

The Facts.

My thing is photographing portraits, but I also love creating new worlds with my conceptual Photoshop work. I want to give you the best experience possible for your photographs! I believe that getting your portraits taken shouldn't be stressful. I will help with anything, from choosing outfits, to locations, to giving you your smile. 

The Gear

For those with interest, reach out and connect! I have an Associate of Fine Arts at Grand Rapids Community College, and I have had multiple showings at GRCC Paul Collins Art Gallery. I participated in Artprize in 2014.

Contact Me

Located in Grand Rapids, MI

I would love to photograph you!

Kelsie Dean

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