Urban Locations

This applies to any urban session. That could mean downtown Grand Rapids, Chicago, or your favorite one stoplight town. The settings will be more geometric and colorful at times. Think walls, windows, shops and streets. The hustle and bustle of the city will fuel excitement and fun during a downtown session. Below are some style suggestions and locations we work in often!

Colors, styles, and accessories.

Colors: Bright, Jewel Tones, pastels and patterns look stylish in urban based images.

Statement looks: Heels, long flowing skirts, formal wear, and suits look great!

Add some fun: Vintage cars, bikes, hats, balloons, and pets are great "props." If there is an activity downtown we can do, let's do it!

When is it best? Winter and spring time are great for city images, with no greenery for added color, the city stays relatively vibrant! City scenes can be in any town, even small ones.

Grand Rapids is where we are based, so we know many sections on the outskirts of the city that can provide awesome settings. The center of downtown Grand Rapids is beautiful!

Rockford provides a small town feel that also has some nature wrapped in, it is almost more rustic in appearance.

Lowell has a vintage feel with its old brick shops. 

Grand Haven lets us grab lunch, take some images around the city, and then head to the beach!

Other cities are great too! If you want to go on a bigger adventure, let us know.